Yoga is a blessing.  The potential it has to transform both ourselves and our planet is BIG.  If you could do just one thing for yourself, for your health, I would recommend Yoga.

I have always been an energetic person and knew early on just how important movement was to my health.  Yoga incorporates the best of all worlds being good for the body on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  It cultivates inner peace and stillness and can even lead to greater intuitive abilities and living life with a deeper connection.  It is a whole practice with many spill over benefits.  In an increasingly stressful and busy world, it is the perfect practice.

Anyone can do Yoga; children, seniors, big or small, flexible or not, there are modifications for everyone.  Prenatal Yoga classes are growing in numbers and is a wonderful practice for those expecting.

In addition to being a wonderful tool for navigating the ebbs and flow of life, Yoga is also a beneficial therapy for pain management, depression, anxiety, grief, eating disorders, insomnia, addiction, digestive concerns, and releasing stuck emotions and traumatic memories.

The practice if committed to will open you up in ways you never expected, it potentially can change your life in beautiful ways.

Yoga isn’t about knotting yourself up like a pretzel or competing with yourself or others striving for perfection and advanced postures.  It’s about finding yourself, relaxing, and creating a space to just be and breathe. A space to let go of all the thoughts, demands and responsibilities of your life, allowing yourself to find a moment of peace thru simplicity and self love.

It is my passion to inspire more people to try Yoga & experience the health benefits of this ancient practice for themselves.

Hope to see you on the mat!
Namaste ❤