Distance Sessions

If you can’t make it to the clinic, either because of life circumstances or because you live too far away, distance sessions also called remote sessions are a good alternative.

How Remote Sessions Work:

Remote sessions work the exact same way in-person sessions do.  Quantum Physics tells us that every body part and every cell knows exactly what every other part or cell is doing. Further, it tells us that there is a deep interconnection and interdependence between every atom in the universe and therefore every human being in the universe. When we communicate with the bodymind we simply use our brain to focus in on the priority area which the BodyTalk Protocol tells us that needs balancing.

This ability is enhanced by using a mental workshop, used by many BodyTalk Practitioner’s, called Mindscape. Much like a cell phone can quickly connect around the globe without a physical connection, BodyTalkers can use MindScape to accurately tune in to their clients without having to use physical contact.

One of the benefits of a remote session is convenience. No travel needed. This can be important if someone doesn’t feel well enough to travel, doesn’t have access to transportation or if they simply don’t have the time available to travel. Also this can be a convenient way to treat animals if your pet does not like traveling. (see Pet Health)

Remote sessions allow for world-wide access. You are able to relax during the comforts of your own home while the session is being completed. The implementation of the formulas work just as it does in person. By tuning in to you the client, the connection is made and positive changes can be affected in the same way as if you were treated in person.

I enjoy working with people over the phone, Google+ or also on Skype.