Learn to Experience Prana

  My introduction to the physical experience of feeling prana (also known as universal energy or chi) throughout my body came at about the age of 10 when I went to the broadway show The Phantom of the Opera with my family. My father commented on the “tingling […]

No Time for Exercise?

Many of us exercise and that works for us. Many other people don’t exercise and that doesn’t work for them. Most people want to exercise more,  but find the commitment or the task daunting and undesirable when the time comes. One simple way to get a bit more […]

Super Foods List

Here is a great list of  Super Foods to keep handy for optimal nutrition and packed antioxidant power for pollution, stress, disease and sickness protection.  Living in the modern world I’m sure we could all use the benefits of these delicious foods. If you are new to “healthy […]

Your New Years Health Resolution

It’s a New Year ! Wahoo who would have thought we’d make it? With all the hype behind us we enter a New Year with yet again another chance to full fill our “Get in Shape” new years resolution. LOL who are you kidding ? The problem that many of us have is that we make these silly deadlines and starter dates in the first place. How many of us have said “I will be in shape by the summer”, or “I will start my new health regime Tomorrow/Monday/The First of the Month”?