Agenda & Performance Sessions

The applications of BodyTalk are virtually unlimited.
BodyTalk can even be used to address a specific goal you have.

Agenda Sessions

Examples of possible subjects for an Agenda Session:

  • Self-Improvement; physically, mentally or emotionally
  • Help with relationships
  • Family issues
  • Cosmetic improvement
  • Financial goals
  • Conquering a fear or phobia
  • Preparing for a specific event
  • Anything else you would like to specifically look at in your life

Performance Sessions 

Do you have an up-coming event that you’re anxious about or that is very important to you?

a Performance Session is a great way to use BodyTalk to maximize your potential for a special event.

Whether you’re nervous about going to an important event where you will be making a speech, or have an important exam to write, a Performance Session can help calm the nerves and clear the brain.

Performance Sessions help you prepare for:

  • Upcoming events where excellent performance is required
  • Pre and post-surgery preparation
  • Business presentations, business meetings, job interviews
  • Athletic Competitions
  • Musical/Artistic performances
  • Upcoming exposure to phobias: air travel, boat cruise, dentist etc.
  • Exams
  • Public Presentations

BodyTalk is optimal treatment for anyone who wants to maximize their performance.

Sports Performance and Injuries

Many professional athletes use BodyTalk to recover from physical injury, maintain health and optimize performance.

Anika Sorenstam LPGA Pro Golfer:
“They used a new therapy called ‘BodyTalk’ and told me I probably got the problems in my hip because of the things I have gone through in my personal life. It was a mental thing that made me feel fragile in a physical way… I can swing the clubs like I want now.”
– Golf Digest

BodyTalk helped NBA Basketball Player Grant Hill recover from a career threatening injury, maintain health and keep playing at a high level even at the age of 40:

“I started initially when I was trying to recover from an injury, and as I have gone through that whole process of surgery and rehab and recovery and eventually in getting back on the court, BodyTalk has been instrumental and been a part of that process along the way. I don’t pretend to understand it, in terms of how to actually do the BodyTalk on somebody. I don’t need to, thankfully. But I do know that as an athlete we’re very in tune with our bodies, we’re very sensitive to our energy levels, to stress, to a variety of different things and I’ve noticed that every time I’ve done BodyTalk I’ve felt a difference afterwards and that’s the most important thing.

So, whether it’s in the off-season, while I’m doing nothing, or in the off-season while I’m training and preparing, or whether it’s during the season I’ve done BodyTalk, I’m a big believer in it, it’s helped me get through my injuries and get me to the point where I’m back playing and playing well.”

Athletic Performance and BodyTalk

Athletes benefit from the BodyTalk System by preventing and recovering from injury and sickness, maintaining the body, as well as fine-tuning performance. BodyTalk works quickly for athletes because they tend to already be in good shape and know their bodies well.

Maintenance and Preventive Care
Used as part of an athletes regular maintenance program, BodyTalk can prevent injury or address incompletely healed injuries. Athletes can gain strength and endurance, and maintain an ideal weight. BodyTalk sessions can be supplemented by BodyTalk Access techniques you can do yourself at home.

Fine-Tuning Performance
BodyTalk fine tunes the synchronization of all bodily systems to help achieve peak performance. One of the joys of being an athlete is the experience of serenity and oneness that comes with all body parts working in synchronicity.

Assimilation of Nutrients
Even if you are eating all the right foods for your body, you may not be absorbing all of the necessary nutrients. BodyTalk Sessions help the body to more efficiently integrate and assimilate essential nutrients.

You may be drinking plenty of water, but is it being fully absorbed by your calf and shoulder muscles? Your liver? Your brain? A specific technique in BodyTalk, directed at hydration, assures that the water you are drinking is getting to all the right places.

In addressing a sports injury, BodyTalk focuses on the awareness of the body’s self healing mechanism directly on the site of the injury to bring about effective and speedy recovery. Bodytalk can also help with old injuries that you may be just “dealing with” or accepting.

Performance Anxiety
Do you fall apart under pressure? Do you perform well in practice but become stressed when it’s time for the race?  BodyTalk can disempower powerful belief systems surrounding performance anxiety, such as “I’m too old for this” or “It’s not OK to be the winner.”

Brain & Body Chemistry
BodyTalk is unique in being able to balance and synchronize all enzymes and hormone levels for peak performance. BodyTalk promotes healthy internal chemistry in the body for an efficient, self-sustaining endocrine system.

In a healthy body, all joints and intervertebral discs of the spine are under tension rather than compression. Allowing you to have a “spring in your step” that minimizes impact. BodyTalk implements the concept of self-supporting structures, also found in nature, to employ your body’s natural shock absorbing abilities, keeping your joints agile and your movements fluid.