Balance your Brain: relieve stress in under 2 minutes!

Introducing the Cortices Technique!  Do do daaaa 🎶   This technique is pretty amazing and I can testify to that.  I use it everyday and it is one of the techniques that make up the holistic healthcare system known as BodyTalk or The BodyTalk System.  It is a brain balancing technique that especially helps with stress, anxiety, overwhelm, sleep, mental clarity and focus.  You will get tons of mileage out of this technique especially if you commit to practicing it everyday.  Health and well-being all begins with the brain.

It is called the Cortices Technique because it balances and increases the communication between the cerebral cortexes of the brain; the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital and temporal lobe.  In effect we are not only balancing the cortices but also the hemispheres of right and left brain function as well as brain-body communication.  It is a complete body/mind balance in under 2 minutes!

cerebral cortex

All symptoms, conditions and diseases are all reflected in the brain at some level.  This is why the technique is so powerful.  The Cortices technique allows for increased brain function and connectivity between all the parts of the body.

The brain is a magnificent computer that handles 100’s of millions of neurological connections every minute, yet the average brain is not operating anywhere near its normal capacity.  A day in the life is very stressful for many of us, it is common to feel overwhelmed from all the environmental sensory input.

Feeling overwhelmed is the equivalent of blowing fuses in our brain.  When the brain is overloaded our whole nervous system is affected and our capacity to deal with stress overtime decreases. This can lead to a gradual decline in our health over time.  Our sleep can suffer, our digestion, focus, memory, immune function, healing capability etc all can be negatively impacted.  In essence our brain is experiencing a mental shut down and areas of communication within the brain are literally switching off.  This technique has an amazing effect on the body by allowing the brain to reconnect broken and overloaded circuits.

Studies using infrared photography have visibly noted the areas of mental shut down as “cold” spots of diminished blood flow or cellular activity in both hemispheres of the brain.  When the brains function is compromised the body cannot properly heal.  Significant improvements have been observed once the cellular activity of the neurons in these cold spots has been restored through using this technique.  The results can be immediate and profound in restoring healthy balance, yet the best benefits are cumulative over time.   If done regularly there is a progressive repair initiated and a systematic re-wiring of the brain so over time you will see a gradual constant improvement in every aspect of your well-being.
Repeated application also helps to re-balance the amygdala complex, which helps make us less reactive.  Most people have an over-reactive amygdala and go into fight or flight mode too easily.  This technique resets the whole nervous system into a more efficient and relaxed state.  I simply cannot recommend it enough.

List of Cortices Technique Benefits

  • speeds up and improves overall healing
  • improves and optimizes brain function
  • alleviates anxiety and feelings of overwhelm
  • grounding and centering
  • prepares the brain for sleep
  • improves memory
  • restores communication between the right and left hemispheres of the brain
  • increases cellular activity and circulation of the brain
  • improves coordination patterns
  • positive effect on stress levels
  • improves clarity for decision-making
  • enhances brain-body communication
  • relaxes the nervous system
  • enhances mental focus and cognition
  • creates feelings of calm and relax

The Cortices technique is especially good for:

  • children
  • brain injuries
  • non verbal / delayed speech development
  • treating shock
  • interviews
  • exams
  • meetings
  • decision-making
  • addiction – activates better cognitive control over choices
  • breaking negative habits
  • fear or phobia
  • stress and anxiety
  • learning environments
  • burnout
  • sleep
  • hysteria
  • public speaking
  • pre and post-surgery
  • sports performance
  • competitions
  • insomnia
  • musical/artistic performances
  • comma patients (numerous cases where patients have awaken after application)
  • autism
  • ADD / ADHD
  • dyslexia
  • mania
  • OCD
  • PTSD
  • jet lag
  • emotional distress (anger, fear, grief, worry, sadness)
  • *medical emergencies  (helps refocus the brain on immediate area needed for healing, and brings the person out of shock * is not a substitute for medical attention)

To perform the technique we use one of our hands to systematically cover all parts of the brain while tapping the head and the heart taking 2 full deep breaths at each hand position.

Tapping over the head is going to activate the brain and show it where the connections between the left and right hemispheres may not be working.  The brain is always brainheart-communicationstriving for homeostasis but when our brain is frazzled, it compromises the brain’s ability to evaluate what it needs to do to bring about balance.  The technique helps the brain to “wake up” and be insightful to its current state of health once again.  It is very similar to a reboot in computer terms.

The process of lightly tapping the sternum appears to correspond to the relationship between the physical heart and energetic heart complex that stores information about the whole body/mind.  By tapping here we are essentially storing and saving the changes that we initiated when we tapped on the head. Tapping on the body to get it to focus on healing has been used by some indigenous holistic systems, such as yoga, for centuries.

Points to Remember:

  • the number of hand positions is going to vary according to your hand size and your head size.  Just be sure to cover your entire head from the base of the skull to the eyebrows
  • light tapping is sufficient, no heavy tapping needed
  • when tapping on the head make sure that your hand is making contact with both hemispheres of the brain by spreading your fingers over the mid line
  • minimum 2 breath cycles at each hand position – you can do it longer if you intuitively feel you need to – breathing through either nose or mouth is fine
  • breathe deeply and fully
  • be present to what you are doing; focus on the connection between the left and the right brain hemispheres

The BodyTalk Cortices Technique Self Application:
Excerpt from International BodyTalk Association

Step 1.  Place one hand, with fingers together, at the base of your skull, so that it straddles both sides of your head and covers the top of the neck and the bottom of the skull.  While holding this position, tap the head and then the sternum with your other hand,  alternating for two breath cycles.  Focus on connecting all the points of the right hemisphere of the brain to the left hemisphere, and highlighting circulation and communication between them.

Step 2.  Now move your hand up onto your head just above the position you just held.  (You are going to systematically cover the whole head one hand-width at a time.)  In the new position, tap out your head and sternum alternating for two full breaths.

Step 3a.  Repeat this procedure until you have covered the whole mid line of the head from the base of your skull to just above your eyebrows, making sure that the entire brain is covered.  Your hand positions may overlap to ensure no areas are left untouched.  When you are covering the very top of the head you can tap directly on your hand or slightly behind it.

Step 3b.  Remember to maintain deep (but not forced) breathing throughout this entire procedure.  Just getting more oxygen into the body can improve health on its own.  Oxygen is vital to every cell producing energy for all biochemical processes.

Step 4a.  Now cover the sides of your head to balance the temporal lobes of your brain.  After holding both sides of your head for a few seconds, let go with one hand; and while still holding one side of your head, use your other hand to tap on your head and then on your sternum.  After each head and sternum tapping, place your tapping hand back onto the side of your head for a few seconds. Continue this process for at least two full breath cycles.

Now that you are done take a moment to see how you feel.  Did you notice any shifts?  Your brain is now in rest and healing mode!  Most people report immediate feelings of relaxation and calm.  For the most benefit it is recommended to make this technique a part of your daily routine.  There are cumulative effects that will give you extra benefits.  It only takes about 90 seconds to do and you can do it as many times in a day as you need.

Self apply the technique or apply it for someone else like friends and family in the same way.  There are no age restrictions and for infants you can tap off the body – a few cm off the head and off of the heart (yes an air tap!).  This is acceptable because the movement of the hand within the surface electrical field of the body still creates an electrical interference pattern that stimulates the brain and heart.  For the same reason you can substitute tapping on the sternum for the center of the back if it is easier.

Try it every day for 30 days and see what shifts for you.

BodyTalk is a system of consciousness based energy medicine.  For more information go to my Introduction to BodyTalk or visit the International BodyTalk Association

Happy Tapping!

Danica Arcand

p.s. subscribe to my YouTube Channel for an upcoming demonstration video!

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