Learn to Experience Prana



My introduction to the physical experience of feeling prana (also known as universal energy or chi) throughout my body came at about the age of 10 when I went to the broadway show The Phantom of the Opera with my family. My father commented on the “tingling experience of excitement” while watching the show. For some reason I never forgot those words and as I grew up I payed more and more attention to the “tingles”. I would track them as they moved throughout my body.

I started to notice they came thru what I now know as my crown chakra (thru the top of my head). I learned that I could encourage these energies to travel to certain parts of my body at will. At first my awareness of them was small and they were more noticed when i felt really good or was moved emotionally by a piece of music etc. Now, years later my awareness of them has grown to magnificent height, now I can experience them in a larger way as more of a unified field of moving energy .. moving between me and other people on a continuous basis. It is pretty amazing and useful as a method of self heal or in a clinical healing setting.

If you are interested I encourage you to start observing those pleasant “tingles” when you feel really good. That is prana, that is life energy and the development of awareness that comes thru simple observation cannot be underrated. I highly recommend it.

I also have to smile at the ironic title of the broadway show where I first learned this, “The Phantom of the Opera”. Ah yes … the great mystery, it always makes me smile, “tingles” 🙂

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