No Time for Exercise?


Many of us exercise and that works for us.

Many other people don’t exercise and that doesn’t work for them.

Most people want to exercise more,  but find the commitment or the task daunting and undesirable when the time comes.

One simple way to get a bit more exercise in your day while at the same time exercising your WILL POWER (which is the key to life success in ALL areas) is to set your phone for a series of interval timers throughout the day.  (I personally like 8am, noon, 4pm, and 8pm).  When your timer rings you stop what ever you are doing in that moment and immediately drop and push out 25 push ups, squats – or which ever exercise you choose.  Remember to set your timers to times in your day when you will be in a place you can manage the exercise.

This little exercise intermittently  throughout the day will be healthy for your entire body.  Your blood will enjoy increased oxygen, circulation, increased metabolism, increased lymphatic function (body’s detox mechanism) and also increased energy.

You can do more than 25 if you like to but it is better to only make 25 the goal.  If you do more consider it a bonus , this way you are always ahead of the game and feeling awesome rather than coming up short and feeling bad … our emotional state is always the key to our continued success.

The great thing about this simple practice is that it is easy to fit into your day and therefore you will have a greater chance of keeping it up.

Even if you have already dedicated yourself to a good workout routine this little extra is great because of its frequency … you are constantly programming your muscle memory to engage and look awesome!

Give it a try for a week and let me know how it went.

Health Hugs!

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