Your New Years Health Resolution


It’s a New Year !  Wahoo who would have thought we’d make it?  With all the hype behind us we enter a New Year with yet again another chance to full fill our “Get in Shape” new years resolution.  LOL who are you kidding ?

The problem that many of us have is that we make these silly deadlines and starter dates in the first place.  How many of us have said “I will be in shape by the summer”, or “I will start my new health regime Tomorrow/Monday/The First of the Month”?

With no intent to insult, the hard facts are that many of us by the end of January have abandoned our shiny new sneakers, gym pass and vision of a tighter, more toned and stronger version of ourselves.  I myself have been guilty of the Monday start date, “just one more chocolate bar, and then I’ll get on it” attitude, or worse … buying out the junk food section at the grocery store the day before starting my healthy diet.  Lol, VERY counter productive, and a sure sign that I was unlikely to succeed.  The truth is that when we bypass the opportunity of the present moment in favor of a future point in time what we are really saying to ourselves is “i am not really ready to change my habits”.  Unless we are willing to make changes in real time we are drastically decreasing our odds at achieving our desires.  This requires us to battle our cravings or inertia (when thinking of a workout) in the moment as they come up and this is hard because we have set up patterns and habits that are not conductive to the resolution we have set.

The solution?  In my experience the easiest way to do this is to build new habits.  Instead of indulging in the food craving that your brain just won’t let go of make a habit to do something else, and make it the same thing every time.  This will train your brain, and in time the craving for the food will be easily mediated by a walk in the park for example.  In the beginning it will be EXTREMELY HARD to get your brain to accept the new habit in favour of the delicious chocolate brownie in the fridge.  The first time will be the hardest, but with every proceeding time it will get easier and easier.  For a workout regime .. it helps to schedule it at the same time every day/week to build up the habit and mental muscles.

You are literally re-training your brain so if you slip up don’t waste all the previous days of success by slumping back into old habits, get back on it RIGHT AWAY.  The longer you wait, the harder it becomes to get back on track.  Think of physics and Newton’s Law of motion … things like to do what they are already doing.  The same applies here.  Use it and make 2016 your healthiest year yet:)

Health Hugs!

Danica Arcand

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