Introduction to BodyTalk

The BodyTalk System is a unique healing health care modality in that it addresses the body in a truly integrative, safe, non-invasive and holistic way.

It is energetic in nature; which we are just starting to know and understand makes up our whole universe including our bodies.  Because of this principle sessions can be done in person or via distance.

BodyTalk is set apart from many other healing systems in 4 foundational principles…

1. BodyTalk recognizes that we are a dynamic beings.  All parts of our body are communicating at all times; synchronized and harmoniously working together.  Diseases and injuries cannot be looked at in isolation from the rest of your body; every single thing about you … your experiences, your beliefs, emotions, genetics, and environment, all need to be considered.  BodyTalk is Whole HealthCare.

2. BodyTalk finds the underlying root causes of health issues rather than just treating symptoms.  It recognizes you are an individual and understands that a cookie-cutter approach to healthcare is ineffective.

3. BodyTalk respects your body’s own needs and determines your body’s priorities for healing.  Just as the body heals a wound with a particular sequence of chemical reactions, your body also wants to address all healing in a certain order.

4.  BodyTalk recognizes your body’s natural ability to heal.  If you cut your finger your body automatically initiates a healing response and a few days later the cut has closed.  In every second with every breath your body is doing its best to maintain balance and good health.

By determining priorities in the sequence of healing and using safe and simple techniques that increase internal communication, your body is then capable of healing itself very rapidly.

BodyTalk is a safe, effective and informative way to drastically improve your heath holistically.

Its scope is virtually limitless because it engages the body’s natural healing mechanism.

Everyone can benefit from having a BodyTalk session.

BodyTalk is Whole-Healthcare, which means addressing you, the whole-person and your whole-story, using the entire context of your life to improve your health.